[TW & PW] New Arena and RBG Changes
30 Apr 2020 19:18

Greetings Dear Community,

We have implemented some exciting new changes that we hope will incentivize more PvP activity on the server.

These changes are as follows:

1. The arena point flush will now occur daily, as opposed to once a week that occurred previously (TW realm only). This should make it more viable to obtain PvP gear from arena points (compared to doing PvE for Emblems of Frost to buy the same gear).

2. If you don't manage to do the required 10 arena matches, they will carry over to the next flush. So for the TW realm you could do 2 matches a day and get a flush after 5 days if you want.

3. There is no more rating loss below 1500 rating and losses will allow a slow climb to 1500. This is meant to benefit low geared teams. Getting above 1500 rating still requires a sufficient amount of victories.

4. Rating gains/losses from arena matches have been tripled to compensate for the waiting times. For TW, this should make it possible to attain enough rating for purchasing Wrathful gear again with less matches.

5. Losing against a lower rated team is now less punishing. This is intended to reduce "sniping" and encourage more activity. Having a 50% winrate will always be enough to maintain your rating.

6. The first RBG win of the day will now grant 3x more arena points (from 25 to 75). Honor rewards are 3x the shown values (11160 honor bonus for the first win) due to the 3x honor rate that was implemented long ago.

7. RBG selection is now smarter. It will rotate between available BGs and will prioritize Warsong Gulch for 2v2. If there is higher subsequent activity, Eye of the Storm, Arathi Basin or Strand of the Ancients will start instead. Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley will require more BG activity (as well as more players in queue) before they start.

Please Note:

TW Season 1 for 2020 officially ended today. TW Season 2 is now active.

Notifications have been sent out for the active members of the rank 1 team.

Check your in-game mail and follow the enclosed instructions to claim your rewards.

If you are unaware of the arena schedule, you may check by clicking here.

We sincerely hope that these changes will compensate for the lack of population and will encourage you all to participate in PvP.

All of them (except the first one) are now live on both TrueWoW and PrimalWoW.

Now get out there, queue up and join the fight!

With best regards,

TrueWoW Staff.
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