• Juggernaut buff will get removed after casting slam
    • Partially solved warrior charge in mid air

    Death Knight

    • Fixed Death Knight's tier 10 set 4 dps bonus effect proc
    • Added missing avoidance stats to "Ebon Gargoyle" pet
    • Death Coil will heal more on friendly targets (self/pet)
    • Fixed Death Grip on non engaged in combat creatures
    • Fixed Death Grip reflection


    • Fixed water elemental combat movement if target went out of LOS


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Flame Orb (Blood Prince Council encounter) will properly reach its targets
    • Fixed Inoculated removal
    • Fixed Mutaded Plague removal
    • At lower spire, once Tirion intro event is done, soldiers will get properly despawned
    • Adjusted Val'kyr Herald respawn time


    • Fixed achievement "He Feeds On Your Tears" (both modes)
    • Algalon will perform kill emote on all types of kills (creatures + players)
    • Fixed achievement "With Open Arms"
    • Fixed achievement "Coolest Friends"
    • Fixed achievement "Cheese the Freeze"
    • Fixed achievement "Getting Cold in Here"
    • Fixed achievement "Disarmed"
    • Fixed achievement "This Cache Was Rare"
    • Complete Razorscale encounter rewrite
    • Added missing emotes, movements for XT-200 Deconstructor
    • Molten Collosus now will call other npcs to assist him on combat start
    • Corrected achievement "A Quick Shave" criteria
    • Fixed "Observed" achievement

    The Ruby Sanctum

    Trial of the Crusader

    • Fixed strange combat movements for Twin Valkyrs
    • Twin Valkyr texts (except emotes) are now synchronized between Twin Valkyrs
    • Fixed Varian Wyrm and Garrosh Hellscream texts for faction champions encounter

    Utgarde Pinnacle

    • Scourge Hulk will use correct spell for Volatile Infection + this spell effect will no longer crit
    • Fixed slow movement for Svala

    Onyxia's Lair

    • Fixed slow movement for Onyxia

    Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills

    • Complete dungeon rewrite:
      • adjusted Epoch Hunter timers
      • adjusted Leutenant Drake intiial timers for Wirlwing and Exploding Shout
      • added missing and corrected existing Thrall texts
      • added missing Taretha texts
      • implemented stables event
      • implemented epoch outro event
      • complete rewrite durnholde events
      • implemented houses buildings visuals after using all barrers
      • barrels are retweaked to not allow players to use it double time
      • randomized wild animals spawns a bit more
      • added missing creatures/objects spawns for heroic mode (normal mode already had them)
      • complete Skarloc combat events rewrite
      • implemented events repeat behaviour - if you wipe, continue from last point
      • fixed all possible Thrall bad dismount scenarios during ridding event
      • implemented church and inn gauntlet intro texts
      • all spawns during Durnholde event are pre-spawned once event is started
      • removed old incorrect spawns
      • Epoch Hunter will properly get spawned in air + implemented his landing movement and corrected agroo texts
      • flames on buildings will spread periodically
      • complete rewrite of Epoch Hunter waves summoning
      • scripted npc "Image of Erozion" event, npc will show up once Thrall dies
      • added missing horses in stables
      • added missing Armorer spawn


    • Fixed Prince Malchezaar combat movement and melee attacks on edges
    • Spell Amplify Damage will get casted on single non-tank target

    The Arcatraz

    • Fixed "Dalliah the Doomsayer" and "Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates" intro and combat events

    The Forge of Souls

    • Unleashed Souls will despawn if they gets summoned after Devouver of Souls kill
    • Devourer of Souls will be able to do melee attacks during channeling of Mirrored Soul
    • Reworked timers for Devouver of Souls
    • Added some missing visual effects to Devouver of Souls encounter

    Magister's Terrace

    • Fixed/added missing emotes, spell visuals, adjusted Sunblade Sentinels waypoint movement
    • Added "Overlord" emote for Vexallus, also on death Vexallus will clear damaging auras
    • Complete rewrite of Delrissa encounter
    • Complete Kaelthas encounter rewrite, implemented death and intro events
    • Added Pyroblast emote (Kaelthas encounter)
    • Fixed Selin Fireheart combat events + npc will start with 0 mana
    • Ensured that all Fel Crystals are spawned for Selin Fireheart encounter before his fight
    • Fixed possible multiple Kalecgos spawns


    • Fixed possible run speed resets for Raging Flames (Nethermancer encounter)

    Pit of Saron

    • Fixed Wrathbone Laborer respawn time (heading from Ick & Krick encounter to Garfrost)

    Violet Hold

    • Summoned minions from portal now has reduced chance to output "summon" texts








  • Yulda the Stormspeaker - deleted duplicate spawn
  • Implemented teleporter to Gnomeregan (Booty Bay, horde goblin engineers only)
  • SMART_ACTION_CAST rework, fixes a lot quests related to kill crediting, item creation behaviours
  • Some adjustments in honor reward formulas
  • Fixed various issues where creatures stopped escort waypoints after combat (global fix)
  • Scripted Voltarus teleportion pads (Zul'Drak)
  • Fixed fall damage on Orgrims Hammer transport (Icecrown)
  • Fixed desync issues when vehicle is teleported together with player
  • Added a lot missing spell target position data
  • Object Spectral Lockbox now is going to be visible to players (fixes
  • Added missing graveyard data
  • Fixed bad targetted movement repositioning (ICC/TOC valkyrs, its general fix)
  • Fixed npcs regenerating mana after evading while they should start with zero mana
  • As usual a lot anticheat adjustments, performance improvements and possible crash fixes. this contains issues marked as resolved in tracker