• Warriors with Bladestorm aura are now immune to Death Knight's Death Grip effects

    Death Knight

    • Improved Death Knight T10 S4 (DPS) bonus proc
    • Fixed (Unholy) Gargoyle casting speed


    • Fixed Sacred Shield absorb amount with ICC buff (by Jildor)


    • Fixed Power Word: Shield absorb amount (by Jildor)


    • Fixed mage t10 s2 bonus for Arcane Mage, effect will get triggered after Missille Barrage cast (which consumed Arcane Barrage effect)


    • Fixed Black Magic enchant proc with some druid spells (by Keader)


    • Fixed Improved Healthstone talent


  • Fixed scoreboards for crossfaction implementation
  • Even if player is in different faction, he will not get morphed into custom display ids
  • Fixed display id removal for crossfaction bg


    Icecrown Citadel

    • Fixed teleport when Gunship fight failed/succeed
    • Fixed odd Lich King movements (after movement system rewrite)
    • Fixed Crok Scourgebane movements, also splitted non combat related events
    • Fixed Blood Queen Lana Thel movements
    • If Blood Queen is in air phase and damage is higher than her current hp - nullify damage
    • fixed Rimefang and Spinewalker movements
    • Fixed Sindragosa movements
    • Valitra Dreamwalker now is immune to Death Knight's Hysteria
    • Fixed bad Big Ooze (Rotface) recast issue


    • Ensure Hodir frozen champions are always summoned
    • Needed spawns for Thorim encounter will always get properly respawned at reset
    • Improve gauntlet behavior (before Flame Levantiah encounter, from pillars)
    • Fixed Flame Levantiah combat movement speed
    • Corrected script for "Elementalist Avuun" (at Hodir encounter)
    • Removed double movements from Algalon

    Trial of the Crusader

    • Fixed Forst Sphere (anubarak encounter) movements
    • Improved Icehowl movements

    Utgarde Pinnacle

    • Fixed Skadi movements (after movement system rewrite)

    Auchindoun: Mana Tombs

    • Added some cosmetics

    The Botanica

    • Disabled evade for Splinter Treant (Warp Splitter encounter)

    Halls of Reflection

    • Fixed too early Jaina/Sylvanas despawns after escape event

    Trial of the Champion

    • Black Knight ghouls will pulse combat

    Culling of Startholme

    • Fixed Chromie (at Malganis) emotes and final movements
    • Fixed Infinite Corruptor visuals
    • Arthas will respawn burning streets elites before street phase waypoints
    • Added final Arthas final (after Malganis) movements

    Halls of Stone

    • Complete Halls of Stone rewrite:
      • Adjusted timers and added missing visuals, spells for Tribunal event
      • Brann Bronzebeard now will appear at last gates when Tribunal event is completed
      • Implemented missing Brann Bronzebeard texts for last Encounter
      • Added missing Brann Bronzebeard emotes
      • Code optimizations for bosses
      • Fixed Sjonnir aoe spells targetting
      • Implemented missing steam effects

    Halls of Litghning

    • Fixed Bjarngrim combat texts
    • Areatrigger which triggers chain events, which activates statues near Ionar, will not execute if Ionar is defeated

    Sunwell Plateu

    • Implemented Vindicator Moorba's Teleport options

    The Slave Pens

    • Fixed Quagmirran combat abbilities


    • Magus Talestra will always selectable for loot

    Sunwell Plateu

    • Implemented gauntlet events (after Felmyst)



  • Fixed "The Sea Reaver's Run" area drowned npcs emotes
  • Increased Sorlof view distance
  • Improved Webbed Crusader pool spawns
  • Zepik the Gorloc Hunter guardian rescript
  • Creature Scourge War Machine will get visible only on certain conditions


  • Complete movement system rework. This rework grants big boost for developers
  • Fixed game events shown in ingame calendar
  • Fixed odd creature behaviors which allowed to perform evade regeneration before evade
  • Fixed odd liquid/ground detection levels
  • Fixed movement animations
  • Fixed pets teleport