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by Ab.Sentias.
01 Dec 2018 10:05
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Making Items Stackable at Greater Capacity
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Re: Making Items Stackable at Greater Capacity

Relina wrote:
20 Nov 2018 23:55
Rather than doing all these changes if we let players on primal buy the 36 slot bags that players on the truewow realm have access to it would be a much better solution for storage issues
Agreed, this is a better solution for primal players.
by Ab.Sentias.
31 Oct 2018 09:52
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Leatherworking skill level
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Re: Leatherworking skill level

Hey, looks like Foxbot - - updated some of the wowwikki pages on December 25.-26. 2007. Entire set was changed to require 20 less skill points, gloves and chest changed from 280 to 260, while leggings changed from 290 to 270. on TW/PW Pattern for legs (drop)...
by Ab.Sentias.
21 Oct 2018 16:39
Forum: General Announcements
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You do not have to be a business to be charged as one, But Im not sure if this website even falls under the laws of EU. afaik, there is just one person as the owner of this website, and he is using web hosting service company for this, so he doesnt really have control over the exact location of this...
by Ab.Sentias.
15 Oct 2018 13:04
Forum: Accepted
Topic: [Accepted] Change the status page to accurate information.
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Re: Change the status page to accurate information.

Perhaps you can remove entire top right side of that page (unless you want to keep "Classes Online") and move current Uptime to the top of "General Information" but rename it to Last Server Restart: x days x hours xx minutes ago. . The list below contains more than enough of information on who is on...
by Ab.Sentias.
13 Oct 2018 08:46
Forum: Rejected
Topic: (Rejected) Lower respec cost
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Re: Reduce cost of unlearning talents

Tbh, I dont think respecing all the time is considered playing the game to the max, since you have to stand afk to change talents and you cant do it unless you are next to a trainer in a city, which is usually the place where ppl come to afk. Also idk why would you want to play 5 diff specs on same ...