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by Repsidian
06 Feb 2019 22:02
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Topic: recruit a friend
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recruit a friend

hi i am really enjoying myself on this server and i am wanting to bring more ppl to the server with me but the problem im having is i cant recruit a friend until i been on this server for a month how come its so long before people can recruit a friend as i have 3 or 4 friends that love TBC and reall...
by Repsidian
04 Feb 2019 03:40
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Topic: Transfer status
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Transfer status

hi i made a transfer request about 5 days ago for my paladin tank to be transfer'd to the server and i was wondering how far it has got as it says it should take 48 hours i am just wondering am i going to get the transfer or not so i can stay leveling or start playing on the char if it is transfer'...