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by slickmetal
18 Sep 2020 16:36
Forum: Accepted
Topic: PvP or PvE realm?
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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

by slickmetal
26 Apr 2020 06:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Vote site challenge!
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Re: Vote site challenge!

Feralnature wrote:
28 Mar 2020 12:53
i vote daily on the 4 voting links the 1st and last each day never register here but the site tells you cant vote for another 12hrs why are they not registering
Yeah no matter what I do anymore, the 2nd and 4th never register my votes any more....
by slickmetal
12 Apr 2020 12:31
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Web Points
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Re: Web Points

If the account donated for points you can message me any time to have them moved to another account, even to a friend as a gift. Points from voting can't be moved because it's possible to vote on multiple accounts at the same time which could lead to abusive behavior, with people voting on many acc...
by slickmetal
12 Apr 2020 12:29
Forum: Rejected
Topic: Reputations and Professions rates increase
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Re: Reputations and Professions rates increase

I would vote for a modifier for rep, here's why: 1. We do not have the population at this point to consistently use the random dungeon finder in order to get more rep, where running certain dungeons is practically the only way to get to exalted. 2. Lower population = lower chance of seeing rep items...