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by Skaar
13 Apr 2014 22:19
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Stronghasty enrage stacking
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Re: Stronghasty enrage stacking

An off-topic question if u dont mind. Boxis what is the addon that ur using? that shows the cooldowns of Your spells in that blue bar?
by Skaar
30 Mar 2014 17:27
Forum: Warrior
Topic: Hello.
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Re: Hello.

Uh i m still confused...What happened to Charge??? what abuse???
by Skaar
07 Jul 2013 12:28
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Signatures
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Re: Signatures

I would like one too! If you could make one for my Orc warrior Skaar. Dont mean to me picky but would like it wearing the T10 hc set. You know the redish color gears. With the thrallmar tabard. Plus the background with a bloody effect :3 Take your time making it :P
by Skaar
01 May 2013 21:51
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Real Life Pictures :)
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Re: Real Life Pictures :)

Dammit! i m curious now -.-!
by Skaar
08 Mar 2013 22:47
Forum: Mage
Topic: How to kill a Death Knight
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Re: How to kill a Death Knight

Any advice for arcane mages? ;3
by Skaar
08 Mar 2013 22:37
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: the "TrueWoW Snapshot Adventure" Thread
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Re: the "TrueWoW Snapshot Adventure" Thread

Seriously man! i must say...This is amazing, i really enjoy reading this! Keep up the good work.! Waiting for new ones :D
by Skaar
23 Feb 2013 02:30
Forum: Junk
Topic: Muting for swearing?
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Re: Muting for swearing?

All this drama abt swearing....Just dont swear simple. Its not hard at all. After all ur typing not talking. Yes u dont like the rules. But ya they made it u follow it. If u cant handle it leave.Gms made their decisions with a solid reason. They talk over it with other gms and stuff and in the end c...
by Skaar
11 Feb 2013 18:17
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Introducing Bloodcraft
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Re: Introducing Bloodcraft

No one remembers you Vellec! And Hello everyone im from Bloodcraft too. Sorry for introducing myself this late. Not used to the tw forums. :P
by Skaar
26 Jan 2013 03:05
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch
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Re: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch

Ok i tested it again on another toon. After you do . The NPC does give the next quest. But when you accept it nothing happens. The quest does not get accepted into the quest log. Neither does the ' ! ' sign appear on the npc again.
by Skaar
26 Jan 2013 02:56
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch
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[10781] Battle of the Crimson Watch Ok, I did the 1st quest that u get from the drop. After submitting its suppose to give another quest(Battle of the crimson watch). But it seems its not giving the quest at all. The NPC is available there but the quest its suppose to give is not. No ' ! " sign. I ho...