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by Th3_D3cc0n
17 Apr 2014 15:53
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Topic: Count To A Million
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Re: Count To A Million

work work... 9830
by Th3_D3cc0n
13 Feb 2014 13:24
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I'm loving Protest the Hero in general atm :D
by Th3_D3cc0n
13 Feb 2014 13:19
Forum: Looking for Horde players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Player looking for guild
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Re: Player looking for guild

Devils Own on Horde, or The Devils Own on Ally. Both are great guilds with awesome people :D
by Th3_D3cc0n
09 Feb 2014 19:53
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: The Third Siege of New Orgrimmar
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Re: The Third Siege of New Orgrimmar

Funny, it was actually one of the Sieges that made me go Horde. Allies just don't give a fuck.
Gt, you can be the mostly skillful wow player, with the strongest willpower, but there is fuckall you can do when nobody gives a shit.
This is a team gaem.
by Th3_D3cc0n
09 Feb 2014 19:02
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Oh Hai!
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Re: Oh Hai!

Lol, Ally benefits from GM's? Looks like I transferred to Horde at the wrong time :P

Hyerion, there are quite a few People from America around, on both factions :) so welcome and enjoy :)
by Th3_D3cc0n
24 Dec 2013 19:05
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Topic: Nane/Race Changing on a Guild Master
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Nane/Race Changing on a Guild Master

So simple question, will anything negative happen to my guild if I change the name and race of the character that I used to create a guild? He will be staying on the same faction.