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by lokharke
27 Nov 2018 10:15
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Topic: Increase Battleground Reputation Gains
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Re: Increase Battleground Reputation Gains

I am pretty sure we will be doing wsgs in wotlk phase as well. As for the other bg reputation changes, Id say lets wait till wotlk hits and if pvp still sucks we can increase rep gain then.
by lokharke
17 Sep 2018 15:44
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Topic: (Rejected) Lower respec cost
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(Rejected) Lower respec cost

Hi, I personally have spent a lot of gold trying to min-max for my character as I accumulated gear. I saw this on warmane where you can get dual spec for 100g. You go to website and if u have 100g in your bag it takes it and makes a secondary spec for you. SInce tbc doenst have ingame dual spec warm...
by lokharke
08 Aug 2018 18:01
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Topic: [PRIMAL] Vanilla Raids [PENDING]
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Re: (PRIMAL) Vanilla Raids

+1 no need for vanilla buffed raids