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by cang
13 Oct 2014 10:56
Forum: Resolved
Topic: If Looks Could Kill (10 player)
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Re: If Looks Could Kill (10 player)

Descend into Madness - they lost the achievements due to a crash. Things lost due to crashes weren't, aren't and won't ever be retrieved. As for this one I have a question. My character felt under textures due to intercept in Yogg's "inner" phase and I did not receive achievement (range issue). I s...
by cang
10 Sep 2014 13:47
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Warriors Cleave
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Re: Warriors Cleave

Same goes for Heart Strike, glyphed Maul, Starfall, Multi-shot, Chain Lightning, Hammer of the Righteous, Avenger's Shield, and Seal of Command. I don't think I'm missing anything. Warrior's Sweeping Strikes (2 targets), Bladestorm (performs whirlwind attacks thus hits 4 targets only), Improved Rev...
by cang
18 Aug 2014 18:20
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Halion loot table is totally bugged
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Re: Halion loot table is totally bugged

Teal Deer wrote:like peace said before:
97+100+81+78=365=100% trink drop.
if we make an assumption that doubled drops are not present.
97+100+81+78=356 = ~97,53% actually
by cang
02 Aug 2014 10:40
Forum: Resolved
Topic: armory bug or bug abuser?
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Re: armory bug or bug abuser?

Instead of spying armory and making useless reports spend some time to inform ppl about this bug via ingame mail. If you had a warrior character you'd know that even after selecting Mortal Strike talent and clicking "learn" the talent remained grayed out. And if noone told that guy how to fix this h...
by cang
22 Jul 2014 08:29
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: Warrior shouts in Battlegrounds
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Re: Warrior shouts in Battlegrounds

You can still counter fear effect with recklessness (if used in time), reflect, interrupt (if in range) or just stun the caster if charge/intercept. Oh ye, shadowmelding while lock is casting should work as well 8-)
by cang
17 Jul 2014 23:21
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: Ruby Sanctum
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Re: Ruby Sanctum

belendor wrote:Can't you delay the release date to 1st of august? I'm in italy atm enjoying my holidays. I wont like to be there when the content is released.
Don't worry, there's no "Realm 1st" achiev for RS anyway :)
by cang
15 Jul 2014 08:31
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: fwd: "Some things you didn't know about WoW..."
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Re: fwd: "Some things you didn't know about WoW..."

If you check next pages of that thread you'll find a lot more added by others 8-)
by cang
13 Jul 2014 11:06
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Buyout on a BID
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Re: Buyout on a BID

if i remember correctly u cant buy ur own bids on same acc... or am i wrong? O.o if u bid and someone buys out u will get ur bid money back I believe he meant bidding someone else's item then changing his mind and buying this item out (eg. like he realised there was only 5g difference between bid/b...
by cang
12 Jul 2014 22:55
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: fwd: "Some things you didn't know about WoW..."
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fwd: "Some things you didn't know about WoW..."

Recent discussion about paladins' HoP made me search for some fear immunity info on recklessness and I accidentally bumped into interesting thread at mmo-champion forums. Very interesting for ppl who never knew about wow's past events and kinda sentimental for those who played vanilla/tbc like mysel...
by cang
10 Jul 2014 10:14
Forum: Bogus Bugs and Solved Issues
Topic: Hand of Protection.
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Re: Hand of Protection.

reck never gave me imunity to fear... it's the first time I hear about it... anyway let's not go offtopic, I am merely saying that if nothing was mentioned about the ability being used while under forms of CC on wowwiki, then it's safe to assume it shouldn't be useable while under effects of CC Rea...
by cang
02 Jul 2014 10:09
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: WG quests
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WG quests

Not sure but anyway Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.2 (2009-05-19): The Wintergrasp daily quests are now weekly, but has an increased gain of honor and [Stone Keeper's Shards]. and I'm sorry for hijacking Fastor's thread countered with this -
by cang
01 Jul 2014 23:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Vote site challenge!
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Re: Vote site challenge!

An idea that came to my mind while browsing vote shop - is it possible to turn off visibility of unusable mounts once you have selected a character? Say you have a horde character as a main and you collect mounts there. There's no need to display alliance-only mounts on the list. Of course once you ...
by cang
27 Jun 2014 10:04
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: Druid-abnormal dmg???
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Re: Druid-abnormal dmg???

Why ppl do even consider armor as valuable stat in pvp as it's beeing countered by purely arp class? If mentioned feral has pve parts giving 100% arp then only resi/absorbs do the job for pala. Ferals, dealing also a lot of bleed damage, basically grin at anyones' armor. Ofc I'm not saying feral dud...
by cang
24 Jun 2014 10:16
Forum: Mage
Topic: Arcane Mage PVE guide. ONLY for pve heroes.
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Re: Arcane Mage PVE guide. ONLY for pve heroes.

Here is a video I found from one of the world's top arcane mages soloing 5 people all by himself... - just in case you missed frost mage video tutorial 8-) //side note: Nuny used to play on my original ...