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by Evelynn
10 Jul 2011 02:43
Forum: Looking for Horde players (TrueWoW)
Topic: Looking for a guild to join [Closed]
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Looking for a guild to join [Closed]

im interested in joining a guild. I will be a low level, obviously, but i have played WoW before and i do know what im doing. I should level fairly fast. I enjoy doing dungeons, and by enjoy i mean its like my crack. I also plan to participate in BGs and Raids when i can. My only request is that the...
by Evelynn
29 Mar 2011 17:56
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Soul Trader
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Soul Trader

Sry if this is a repeat post anywhere, but i couldnt find a thread about it. I bought the soul trader pet from the vote system and was merely wondering if it doesnt work at this time, or if i need to do something special to get it to collect souls and trade.
by Evelynn
03 Oct 2010 03:55
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: Frame Add ons
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Frame Add ons

I was wondering if anyone has found some other simple frame addons, the one i use now is squid frames. which, is cool and all. but it doesn't have a lot of... variation. for an alt whore like myself. And i cant seem to find any others out there that don't have a ton of other stuff that goes with it....