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by z932074
19 Jan 2011 08:45
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: DK tanking tip
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Re: DK tanking tip

Okay, sorry for the necro post, but I had to say something here. I'm new here, coming from retail. Unfortunately my finances require me to search a more budget friendly alternative to retail, and I think TrueWoW may be the solution. Having said that, My main on retail was a Death Knight. Dual Spec F...
by z932074
19 Jan 2011 07:40
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: Frame Add ons
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Re: Frame Add ons

Shadowed Unit Frames, Pitbull, MoveAnything, and X-perl can all be very nice, depending on what you're looking for. Xperl is a little outdated, but some people still swear by it. SuF is pretty simple to setup, looks nice, and has plenty of customization options. Pitbull is the powerhouse. If you rea...