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by Formis
21 Mar 2011 19:09
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [11396] Bring Down Those Shields
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[11396] Bring Down Those Shields

[11396] Bring Down Those Shields

Scourging Crystal Controller cannot be used because Scourging Crystal NPC is marked as "Invalid Target"

Horde version [11399] Bring Down Those Shields is already posted here.
by Formis
18 Mar 2011 02:28
Forum: Paladin
Topic: Hello Pallies :D
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Re: Hello Pallies :D

To tell the truth, most people from whom I heard things like "two-button paladin" never played a pally and many (Those who I knew) changed their mind after trying him. My own opinion is that two buttons are enough for anyone who want to play some class, but not nearly enough for everyone who want to...