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by Interfector
22 May 2011 11:30
Forum: Rogue
Topic: rogue bugs
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Re: rogue bugs

i wanna say something about the HfB bug i tested it on my own and dont say something about my low dmg numbers im still fresh 80 and i came to this result: Envenom with 5stacks DP and 5 CP = 5667DMG crit Envenom with 5stacks DP , 5 CP and HfB (with glyph [3%plus])= 6112DMG crit 6112 it pretty much 8%...
by Interfector
02 May 2011 13:01
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Vote with different IP adresses?
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Vote with different IP adresses?

I know from other servers that it's possible to vote all points (20) at once. If you use different IP adresses then you're able to do so and since im kinda new to this server I prefer to ask if this is allowed here rather than getting a ban. So question is: Am I allowed to use different IP adresses ...
by Interfector
26 Apr 2011 11:28
Forum: Junk
Topic: Wintergrasp Elementals
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Wintergrasp Elementals

I was farming Eternals in Wintergrasp but I noticed there are many mobs missing. The small elementals are there like Whispering Wind ( but the big elemental are missing like the Tempest Revenant ( I don't know if theres a reason for ...
by Interfector
25 Apr 2011 11:58
Forum: Quest Completer Reports
Topic: [12415] The Horse Hollerer
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Re: [12415] The Horse Hollerer

Approved, it doesnt work