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by josip123
10 Apr 2011 17:10
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Topic: wtb lvl 55+ hunter or warlock
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wtb lvl 55+ hunter or warlock

if an1 interested i wanna buy hunter/lock for 1500 gold my ingame name is cropriest
by josip123
03 Apr 2011 20:15
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Topic: Hacked acc
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Hacked acc

Hi,my acc has been hacked..
i had priest lvl 80..
i talked to gm and he say that my mail is no my registred mail but it is..
so my acc name is josip2108
i had 4 chars:
Cropriest-priest lvl 80
Crohunter-hunt lvl 26
Cropaly-pally lvl 16
Crolock-lock lvl 11
so can any1 help me pls?