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by issildur
09 Apr 2011 05:07
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Topic: Faction Change Issue
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Re: Faction Change Issue

if they are matched. why the horde to ally costs 0 and
ally to horde costs 500? if they are matched factions would have no
to cost the two 200 as in the beginning?
by issildur
07 Apr 2011 04:08
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Topic: Horde to Ally & Ally to Horde
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Re: Horde to Ally & Ally to Horde

i think the 2 faction cost 200 votes
by issildur
06 Apr 2011 01:11
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Topic: [Rejected] Faction change vote points.
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Re: Faction change vote points.

I wanted to talk to you about a subject. I mean, I enter this server for 6 or 7 months or so and I have a pj ally at level 80. I recently learned that many of my friends were playing a server that before coming to this server and as always got into horde, and I I'm in the alliance, I got into the al...