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by ominous_rip
05 Jun 2011 15:07
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Topic: is ROEL abusing ... ?
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is ROEL abusing ... ?

Roel is a great player and as others say he is ADMIN. i was playing with this case that Roel is very pro-player UNTIL... in one BG he charged at me and attacked me for 18k with one hand sword... the weird part is he used mortal strike (arm spec ability) on me despite he was in tank spec... Alliance ...
by ominous_rip
17 May 2011 11:12
Forum: Rejected
Topic: [Rejected] T3 items
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[Rejected] T3 items

hi all. T3 items are not exist anymore after wotlk comes. i think its fun to make a vendor for them and players can buy them with gold or honor. i know this is a blizzlike server but if u do that ppl will have more fun with doing low level dungeons and instances even with BGs... so maybe it make ppl...