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by Arachne
27 Aug 2011 16:10
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: Muradin's Macro
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Muradin's Macro

Hey everyone! After some careful research on server rules I discovered that the usage of scripts was only bannable if used to change font colour etc. That being said I was able to create a nice macro that simulates my favourite quote from Muradin Bronzebeard! I used to play Warcraft 3 everyday, and ...
by Arachne
27 Aug 2011 15:45
Forum: Quests
Topic: Thunderyfury
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Re: Thunderyfury

I would like to know this too! I've been running MC with my guild for last few weeks and no bindings have dropped as of yet.... It would be nice to know if it is bugged or not :D
by Arachne
01 Jul 2011 01:17
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Gurubashi Arena Grandmaster Quest
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Re: Gurubashi Arena Grandmaster Quest

You bugged yourself, Iv Never seen a GM help with this quest ever, But you Dont NEED this trink nor anything you just want it. At this time you have a Slim to no Chance of getting help due to the current Condition of the server, Even after i doubt you will get helped with this as its just to much w...