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by Kajel
22 Aug 2017 12:39
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Topic: Whats going on with our server?
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Re: Whats going on with our server?

So lovely to see GM's come out and profess their care so easily for Primal but neglect TW so so easily. The folks in here talking about how they feel neglected and how the staff does not take recommendations from the player base, well kids that's how folks on TW been feeling all the time. Karma work...
by Kajel
20 Aug 2017 03:04
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: The death of Tw and the rise of Pw
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Re: The death of Tw and the rise of Pw

So rude lately wonder people leave cuz of the attitude around here.
by Kajel
17 Aug 2017 02:29
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Topic: Goodbye from Zortax/Thepower
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Re: Goodbye from Zortax/Thepower

Sad to see you go Zort. I feel I'll quit with you too seeing that a staff member even said TW is a discontinued project. Anyway was a nice short time I had playing with you and doing raids man. You will be missed. GL with the real life raids from now on :D

by Kajel
04 May 2017 16:32
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Topic: [TW] Arena season duration
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Re: [TW] Arena season duration

Less resets is a bad idea. People would have to wait longer to receive something that's already non existant here. Keep it as it is. You can see how much no one really bothers as well just by looking at how many posts this topic has received. Then again too it doesn't really matter anymore since TW ...
by Kajel
06 Mar 2017 18:30
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Topic: Warlock pet (Voidwalker) bug
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Re: Warlock pet (Voidwalker) bug

Way to be an asshole to a new player Gnurg. As for the issue at hand, it's a known bug with pets. My suggestion would be to use the default keying or make a macro to set your pet to /petfollow after a battle and one for /petattack when you actually need him to fight for you. I can say from experienc...
by Kajel
05 Apr 2016 21:34
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Topic: Can't login
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Can't login

I try to keep logging in but it keeps hanging on authenticating. Any suggestions? I tried resetting my router, pinging the realmlist and thats fine but i cant seem to bypass it still.
by Kajel
23 Oct 2015 17:58
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Topic: [Rejected] Arena Season Revamp
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Re: Arena Season Revamp

If anything since the new season started, pvp has gotten worse arena wise. Not much activity at all. I'm for disabling chaos bane and the shard procs itself from arenas but the rest of suggestions seem iffy to me. An ilvl restrction seems like a great idea to me but others may have something else to...
by Kajel
26 Aug 2015 14:52
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Topic: Copy pastas and hilarious quotes 3
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Re: Copy pastas and hilarious quotes 3

Dropdead wrote:kylie pls come back horde , i'll carry 2200 :> m fuck u kyle no carry for u if ur reading ( I know u are)
Smd drop I don't need your carries. I am the carrier.
by Kajel
27 Mar 2015 15:36
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Topic: Explain this to us TW Staff
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Re: Explain this to us TW Staff

Many many people didnt receive APs this week cuz of the DB error. Im surprised she even got any as well.
by Kajel
22 Feb 2015 02:21
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: Best PVP players on
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Re: Best PVP players on

Warr- topclickereu and emcee
Paladin- Divovski diryn and justice
Warlock- Weedlock
Dudu- Anowena
Hunter- Boris
Rogue- Greensmoker
Mage- Madvayne and boris mage
Deathknight- Cc and manifold
Shaman- Mosthated and Synaps
Priest - Shadowlife
by Kajel
20 Feb 2015 15:28
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: Some entertaining PvP videos
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Re: Some entertaining PvP videos

Dropdead wrote: ZAMOUN 2 , like this very much , music is very good aswell .
Lmao man I lost my shit watching that :D the skype part was too much to handle..
by Kajel
19 Feb 2015 04:15
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Topic: I cant take any more of this
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Re: I cant take any more of this

Being there as a witness I can say that what's been said is true. At least if you're gonna trade make it believeable. The 3s ladder this season is an eyesore to look at. (Epic le trole fase meme)

Rip 3s
by Kajel
05 Jan 2015 17:06
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Topic: Wintrading?
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Re: Wintrading?

Dolan plis
by Kajel
11 Dec 2014 22:57
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Topic: [Rejected] Opening 3v3 and 5v5 Queues at weekends only
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Re: Opening 3v3 and 5v5 Queues at weekends only

Voted against because not everyone (like myself) are able to play on weekends be cause of RL. We shouldn't have to decide putting off real life in order to catch some 3v3. Period. The idea is also against the servers' policy isn't it? I thought we strive to be as blizzlike as possible? If you were t...
by Kajel
10 Dec 2014 14:04
Forum: Player vs. Player
Topic: Boxis - Random Arenas 2
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Re: Boxis - Random Arenas 2

Nice vid man. Thumbs up! ^_^