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by morpheus2003
24 Jun 2011 04:49
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Topic: Problem Logging In My Acoount
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Re: Problem Logging In My Acoount

thats cause server is down dont look any further man.
by morpheus2003
07 Jun 2011 05:10
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Topic: Hackers in Stormwind
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Re: Hackers in Stormwind

thats not a hack but a some kind of bug abuse.
by morpheus2003
27 Jan 2011 09:53
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Topic: Report hackers here
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Re: Report hackers here

windsaid multiboxing caoweiling they both run same distance and mage casts arcane blast when the mobs are close then moves again when they saw heihachi they both logged out from teldassil and when they triggered again they were back in westfall doin same thing.
of course they share same ip.