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by Kisszek
01 Apr 2011 09:17
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Serveral bug issues
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Re: Serveral bug issues

The same mobs(at least same graphics) can be enslaved in The Blood Furnace and haveing the same ability.
But enslaveing is alowed on retails as I heared.
by Kisszek
30 Mar 2011 11:01
Forum: Quests
Topic: shaman problem
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Re: shaman problem

Call of Fire:given at shaman trainers (its a qchain in the barrens-durotar border)
Best spot is the razor hill or og shaman trainer (RH may be the quickest :))
by Kisszek
30 Mar 2011 10:59
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Advertising other server
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Re: Advertising other server

If his server needs some advertising such ways that can't be a gr8 server at all..:)
by Kisszek
05 Mar 2011 11:00
Forum: Professions
Topic: Herbalism
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Re: Herbalism

To level the herbalism from 300 skill in OL i sugest the "skinable" beasts in north-eastern edge of zangarmarsh. They increase the herbalism a lot an they drop herbs for alch, and after 325 you can go around in Zangar and se for other herbs In northrend u have to look sharply but u can manage to fin...
by Kisszek
31 Jan 2011 21:06
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Report hackers here
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Re: Report hackers here

Therider pvpoff in Howling Fjord, and he was not afk since he moved around ... 04929.jpg/