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by Relina
22 Apr 2013 07:45
Forum: Achievements
Topic: Children's Week 2013
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Re: Children's Week 2013

I tried to get her to bring at least 1 alt over but it ain't happening :(
by Relina
20 Apr 2013 08:57
Forum: Achievements
Topic: Children's Week 2013
Replies: 19
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Re: Children's Week 2013

It was stated by Doctor J in an earlier topic that even though the in-game calender does not show the event it will start on April 28th.
by Relina
15 Apr 2013 04:40
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Greetings
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Re: Greetings

Welcome to TrueWoW :D
by Relina
14 Apr 2013 04:26
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Battered Hilt (A possible bug)
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Battered Hilt (A possible bug)

Heya could you please help me with an issue with the item Battered Hilt. According to Wowhead if the player obtains a Battered Hilt while on alliance & then transfers to horde the hilt is converted from the alliance version to the horde version. Link to the wowhead page :
by Relina
12 Apr 2013 06:49
Forum: Archived General Discussions
Topic: The Major Class Bugs: PvP and PvE
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Re: The Major Class Bugs: PvP and PvE

While on the topic of Blood Caked Blade It seems the bug affecting it is fixed as of last core update as the dmg seems to scale with dieases now :)
by Relina
07 Apr 2013 08:53
Forum: Resolved
Topic: The Lich King's Last Stand+Sealed box
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Re: The Lich King's Last Stand+Sealed box

He-he Erro nab you forgot to SS just after the kill (he left raid after loot was seen) as for confirming this Xubious aka Docmin/Doctor J was in raid with us he can attest to the fact that we did successfully kill LK25n & that Caroline was in the raid for the kill. Sadly i can't post an SS of this s...
by Relina
07 Apr 2013 08:47
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Tanks? Healers? DPS?
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Re: Tanks? Healers? DPS?

1st of all Welcome to Truewow.

And as for your question:
All 3 roles are useful but there is always a lack of GOOD tanks & healers, so if u want easy raid spot at lvl 80 try to become either a good tank or a good healer :D
by Relina
22 Mar 2013 10:55
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: Blood DK dps (pve)
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Re: Blood DK dps (pve)

Kudos on the guide. The reason most ppl ignore Blood tree for dps is that the frost tree is soo bugged in a beneficial way atm that anyone with decent gear can out dps / dmg a similar geared blood dk. But how abt posting a few Deathbringer / Festergut & Rotface recounts since Sindragosa is not a dec...
by Relina
21 Mar 2013 12:25
Forum: Hunter
Topic: Marksman PvE guide
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Re: Marksman PvE guide

The 3% hit from talent Focused Aim (3/3) is not added to the pet's hit % so u will see misses if u are using the talent to get ur 8% of hit.

Afaik pets take all the Hit % u get from hit rating (Gear) but the % is rounded down so if u have 7.9% hit the pet only gets 7%.
by Relina
16 Mar 2013 23:21
Forum: Resolved
Topic: Frost Infusion (Shinigami)
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Frost Infusion (Shinigami)

So I have completed the needed requirements for quest [Frost Infusion] but it did not complete.

Here are SS's to prove:
by Relina
01 Mar 2013 16:37
Forum: Archive
Topic: Report bug abusers here
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Re: Report bug abusers here

Hmm I think this is the correct thread, so here we go reporting 2 ally using Argent War Horse to kill me. SS's: Sadly the server dc'd before i could SS the whole combat log but killing blow from 1 of them is...
by Relina
13 Feb 2013 03:26
Forum: Report a Dungeon/Raid Bug
Topic: Raid and dungeon bugs.
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Re: Raid and dungeon bugs.

Ok so, I don't know what, how, why and if it's casual, but it's the second time Ley-Guardian Eregos disappears after about 30 seconds of agroing him. He just poofs away like that and doesn't come back... Could somene look into this? Because, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, and I want to...
by Relina
06 Feb 2013 07:59
Forum: Newcomers
Topic: Greetings everyone!
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Re: Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the server :), but Q_Q ur an ally.
by Relina
16 Jan 2013 19:21
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: Leveling spec for DK
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Re: Leveling spec for DK

& then another frost DK was born :)
by Relina
28 Dec 2012 20:19
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Alliance VS Horde: The Rematch!
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Re: Alliance VS Horde: The Rematch!


This DDoS has made me bored enough to actually prowl the forums.