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by Folkk
19 Sep 2012 20:37
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Topic: [Rejected] Arena system
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Re: Arena system

The system on Arena-Tournament is far better: Every minute the MMR difference is extended by 100,, so after 3 mins you would be paired with teams with 300 MMR above or below you. Example if I had 1000 MMR and some team had 1400 mmr, it would take 4 mins to get paired. Then after 10 mins you get pai...
by Folkk
10 Sep 2012 16:54
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Topic: Spermik Players' Introduction:
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Re: Spermik Players' Introduction:

Hello! I'm Folkk : Mostly pvp orientated ,always poor ,anti paladin shield;Dk pet, horde rogue who /spits on his friends :mrgreen:

Can't wait to meet you ingame guys!
by Folkk
10 Sep 2012 16:38
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Topic: Informing Spermik players
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Re: Informing Spermik players

this merge is the second best move in the community history since the switch from mangos to trinity, every experience must come to an end even spermik but you found a way to maintain it and even enhance it, atleast i hope so, it would be sad to see this server zombified like was ours cause of a spa...