<PrimalPvP> - Leveling Through PvP, 5 Mumble Server Rooms.

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Horde, this is a good place to find them.
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<PrimalPvP> - Leveling Through PvP, 5 Mumble Server Rooms.

#1 » Post by Keenapal » 17 Jul 2015 16:40

Hi there,

We are a guild aiming to get as many people in the horde to 60 as fast as possible and our way of doing this is ideally through PvP as it is the fastest way we can do this.

We are the first PvP guild on the server and at the moment the best option for those who want to do PvP on this server.

We have a mumble server for communication during battles or just general chat if you want to log on for the sake of it. There are separate rooms so we can have multiple bgs going at the same time if the server takes off as I suspect it will.

When it comes to it and we have enough players at 60 that are interested we will establish a raid group who will also be able to use one of the mumble rooms and it will not detract from the PvP experience, but make no mistake the focus here is for people that also want to experience the PvP content offered by this server.

We will of course be running dungeons together as well and anyone that just plays for PvE is welcome in our guild as well, just know that if you are looking for a super hardcore raiding guild that won't be us, but it doesn't mean we don't enjoy the PvE aspect as well.

Together we can help solve the population balance by building a strong guild on the Horde and trust me there isn't one just now. We aim for this guild to be a staple of Primal WoW.

Currently recruiting everyone of all levels, and we will always welcome everyone and anyone who wants to join us.

- Also Recruiting Officers, ideally people who are already level 60 that have a good knowledge and experience of PvP -

Message anyone in the guild <PrimalPvP> for an invite.

Best Wishes.


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Re: <PrimalPvP> - Leveling Through PvP, 5 Mumble Server Room

#2 » Post by Dexterity » 08 Aug 2015 10:58

I'm down and I'm playing shaman since that seems to be lacking. Resto

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