Returninig and Hoping to stay

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Returninig and Hoping to stay

#1 » Post by Robomarston » 06 Oct 2019 06:43

Hey, Guys,

I used to be here a long time ago while I was still in Highschool when Primal first launched, I think I was a Junior or senior (Graduated in 2016, I'm 21 now) that aside. I adore this server even when I left for I don't even remember why, but I wanna stick around this time. This was my first server I ever played on that wasn't retail and I wanna come back because I loved it and still love it so much. when I came back I forgot I delete my characters. (maybe shouldn't have done that but too late XD) I hope to Rekindle my passion for this server and make it brighter than ever by Relearning my class since I haven't played WoW in general since I left and learning new classes that I hope that some people here are willing to teach me. with that said... LET TRUE/PRIMAL WOW CONTINUE TO BE HERE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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Re: Returninig and Hoping to stay

#2 » Post by Kniteknite » 06 Oct 2019 07:38

here here ! :D if you need anything in game , just ask . zthere will be plenty of ppl to help. If I'm on I wil also . Cheers !
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Re: Returninig and Hoping to stay

#3 » Post by Seveno5 » 06 Oct 2019 09:15

Welcome back and I wish you a lot of joy in playing this wonderful game, here, with us!


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