Guild of Asherah

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Guild of Asherah

#1 » Post by Rerin » 03 May 2011 14:39

Well i didnt had the chance to talk with Ned or Ash, so i have to talk here.
Ill be absent for next month, and i understand that you'll kick me because of my innactivity. I just ask for a spot in this guild , because , even tho i only spent 1 day on it i loved the way you socialize between guildies, and you guys are awesomew.
Well, take care and cya next month ;)
Casstwo, out :P
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Re: Guild of Asherah

#2 » Post by Velasong » 03 May 2011 15:12

cya when you get back ^^ (i have two characters in there btw)


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