What made you quit retail?

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What made you quit retail?

#1 » Post by Alphagaming » 18 Nov 2015 01:25

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I need your help with a curiosity. What made you quit retail wow? Or, if you still play, what is the biggest complaint that you have. I've created a poll and sincerely appreciate your input. I realize not every micro reason is on there, feel free to choose up to 3 that best fit. Please feel free to voice your opinions, but keep if classy. Thanks everyone.


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Dungeon Dan
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Re: What made you quit retail?

#2 » Post by Dungeon Dan » 18 Nov 2015 02:22

The Dungeons became too simple. My ideal Dungeon. Well, it's requiring at least 2 or more CC. With the necessity of actually thinking. Dungeons today are just a "Tank & Spank". Last Dungeons I enjoyed was Heroic first beta wave WoD Dungeon.
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Re: What made you quit retail?

#3 » Post by .Venna » 18 Nov 2015 03:33

I played from vanilla until Warlords. I gave it in about 3 months ago. As a disabled person, WoW has always been something I do frequently, for ten years I have logged in most days often for 8-10 hours a day.

I loved vanilla, I loved Burning Crusade, although at that time I thought it was hard. Wrath was the highlight for me, it had everything, raids, great crafting, rare hunting, achievements. There was plenty to do and none of it was super easy and most was not super hard.

I hated the way that Cataclysm changed the old world. The quest chains I knew and loved were gone. Mankrik was a maniac. The world was idiot-proofed. The idea was awesome but I didn't like the way it was implemented. Halfway through Cata I stopped playing for a few months. Mists brought me back but now I found things were over the top. There were too many achievement to possibly be able to get them. The pet battles was a great idea - but there were so many pets - too many. Raids were idiot-proofed and not a lot of fun and over so fast. The quests just weren't as good.

Warlords happened and the questlines were awesome. The zones are great. Crafting sucketh mightily. Many idiotic achievements and a stupid amount of pets (600? how do you choose one to have out?) Fishing became completely boring. Everything was rush, rush, rush, with artificial gateways to stop you achieving anything and too much of everything to do. The clusterfuck that was crafting killed it for me.

On top of that, the classes have become so homogenised it actually doesnt matter what you choose to play. You will have a heal, a stun, a root, and over the top dps/heals/threat. You can't take pride in being a great mage and knowing when to sheep before it is asked for; you can't take pride in being a heal who knows how to make your mana last throughout an 8 min fight; you can't take pride in being the most awesome hunter and kiting the boss when the tank falls and saving the day.

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#4 » Post by saltanas » 18 Nov 2015 07:11

WoW today is a shadow of it's former self.
Blizzard started catering to the wrong people, rest is history.

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#5 » Post by carpalo » 18 Nov 2015 08:52

Back in burning crusade attunements caused massive whining in game and on the forums but when I look back things they were absolutely great idea. It forced guilds to work together and build strong community.

"Casuals" whined that they want more epics and in the end blizzard gave them everything almost free. But the funniest thing is that it didn't matter how much those casuals whined in burning crusade they kept playing because there was a goal to achieve, today you get everything free so you lose interest and quit.

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#6 » Post by Zheromer » 18 Nov 2015 13:27

Dungeon Dan wrote:The Dungeons became too simple. My ideal Dungeon. Well, it's requiring at least 2 or more CC. With the necessity of actually thinking. Dungeons today are just a "Tank & Spank". Last Dungeons I enjoyed was Heroic first beta wave WoD Dungeon.
I do somewhat agree, but if you look at Cata release dungs, they where hard, and they got nerfed like hell because people didn't want to use 1-3 hours to get semi good gear so they can get good stuff in Raids. Then again I assume you do know this, and sadly didn't get to see WoD beta dungs, but found the ones they released a big "meh". Not that they where too easy when you first entered them but you out scaled them fast, and there simply was not enough dungs.
Wotlk's 3 "bonus" Dungs that came with ICC, man they are some of the best they have ever done, don't know why they atm keeping that up for endgame at least, give us more content!

Anyway, reason I am not very active on retail is simply there is much to do, and IRL does not allow me to do it. Therefor its much nicer to be here where there isn't that huge amount of stuff to do, but more casual content. Raiding here = 1 raid pr toon, like 1 MC, 1 Ony, 1 ZG. On retail its 1 Normal, 1 Heroic and 1 Mythic because you want 1 item normally in each. Trinkets and stuff like that seem to be ok ++ in Normal and HC on retail. Mythic is very hard and takes ages, but there it scales with gear so after a while its enough just to know the tacks and it becomes boring again. I wont claim to have done Achie or Foundry on Myth, half ass quit before that, too much repetitiveness.

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#7 » Post by gad777 » 19 Nov 2015 08:16

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#8 » Post by PhelanVelvel » 20 Nov 2015 01:09

The 15 different raid difficulties they have now (yes I know it's not actually 15) is asinine. Normal and heroic is fine imo, but part of the allure of a raid is delving deeper and doing better each time. I got excited just to see bosses I had never seen before with my own eyes. If all you have to do is fucking queue up for a raid with a bunch of random idiots and clear it on some horribly nerfed, bastardised easymode setting, then do it again on a slightly harder setting, etc., by the time you get to the hardest difficulty, all the romance is gone.

It's a basic tenet of gaming. The better you do, the further you progress, the more you see. Like as a kid playing SNES or something, if I got to a new level I'd be like "oh shiiit I did it! Look at this crazy shit!" So excited. WoW used to have that feeling of excitement after killing a boss, but now, if you kill the same boss so many times on an easier setting before doing the "real thing" it's just not the same.

Imo first half of Cataclysm still had the magic, some really hard fights with interesting design and story. Ulduar was the best design and my favourite, unlocking "hardmodes" mid-fight was genius and offered something for casual and hardcore raiders alike.

I understand there are still hard fights in recent/current expansions, but the point is the game has had its soul sucked out. Queue LFR, faceroll, kill all the bosses with minimal effort. There is no mystery or ambiguity or, as I said before, romance.

Much of the lore no longer matters, as most of the traditional Warcraft lore we love is submerged beneath the now entirely expendable process known as leveling, or unfortunate profit-driven retconning.

The retail community sucks now. IDK if this is just my personal experience, but I used to know a lot of people, guilds, and their progress, then at some point it just got to be like hey there are 46,000 goddamn guilds who cares. It feels like there's a chance to make friends and contribute to something on a private server.

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#9 » Post by Hansenxx » 20 Nov 2015 11:14

Everything became too casual. And just the fact that you can fly anywhere makes the game much smaller than it really is.
I like the fact that you have to work to get stuff in this server :p
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Re: What made you quit retail?

#10 » Post by EbonTopaz » 20 Nov 2015 12:07

I quit retail the moment Blizzard introduced level boosts in the cash shop. After a year without content in MoP and with all the huge flashing warning signs about WoD, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I've never looked back since, and knowing the state of retail today, I definitely feel like I made the right call.

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#11 » Post by Deim » 23 Nov 2015 16:12

I was playing since late vanilla (around patches 1.7 - 1.8 I'm not sure though it was uhm 10 years ago ?) Than went smoothly on through part TBC (with brakes for month or two depending on school time), than whole WotLK since the day it was released. I had no money for some time so skipped infamous Cata and came back via Scroll of Ressurection to MoP.
I had mixed feelings about it since all that talent changes, beeing unable to do more insane talent builds (Rip hyrbid classes [*]).
However what annoyed me the most was the fact game got too casual. Epics for queueing rdf/rhc/raid finder?! what... the... fuck... I felt that I didn't "earn" that stuff in any way (Them long rep grinds in tbc / vanilla when you felt that you moved the mountain... by hands... with a fucking teaspoon... and you get some reward for that) .
No I'm not hardcore gamer and never tbh were, but the fact that you were given literaly everything without ANY effort. It's fucking dishearting. After Thunder King patch I quit and later when I've heard about WoD I did w8 for my friends to test it (ultra-giga-naga-nerds that play WoW since beta or so) ... Well never bought it after they told me how it looks like

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Re: What made you quit retail?

#12 » Post by Alphagaming » 20 Dec 2015 15:35

Want to quickly and personally give a thank you to everyone that contributed to this thread. It was really interesting to read everyone's personal opinions, and some people even made some points that I didn't even think about. Feel free to check out the finished product below and again, appreciate your time.


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Re: What made you quit retail?

#13 » Post by oooooooooolde » 21 Dec 2015 02:24

Excellent video buddy ! Agreeing with most of it
Subbed :)


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