Advertising Primal, volunteers needed

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Advertising Primal, volunteers needed

#1 » Post by Toluene » 26 May 2018 17:32

So a few days ago I had a beer with Ulf and we thought of ways to increase Primal's popularity. Came up with YouTube Let's Play videos. They'll appear in people's watch lists (or whatever that list of videos on the right on youtube was called again) and maybe attract some attention, especially for people who are already looking for some WoW botch or other server Let's Plays already.
Now if you think this might work, here's what we need:

1. Someone to cobble together a short intro, so all the videos get an easily recognisable beginning. Not longer than 10 seconds I'd say.

2. Someone who receives all the videos made by PrimalWoW players and cuts them into shape. Maybe the same person as mentioned under 1. ;-) That person should then also create a YouTube channel and take care of uploading and managing the videos.

3. Someone to write a SHORT tutorial here on the TW forum on "How to properly make an in-game video". What software should i use. What pitfalls do i need to be aware of and so on.

4. A lot of people to produce ideas for and actual Let's Plays for Person No. 2. to upload. Here are some ideas for a start:
- The 3 Mage Speccs on Primal compared to each other
- Hamsterwheel has already done it for vanilla but now we're in TBC: The 3 tanking classes compared.
- Individual SSC or TK bossfights explained and shown in perfection.
- Class guides
- Dungeon guides
- And so on

Now this is the idea. I've neither got the experience nor the time to do it myself, so the rest is upon some volunteers. Hands up!


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Re: Advertising Primal, volunteers needed

#2 » Post by Eronox » 26 May 2018 18:33

Primalwow official videos lands under Truewow's youtube channel, everything outside it is nothing but contributions and fan made videos. Thank you for the iniative, staff supports you and might have our Youtube channel to feature videos depending on their type.


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