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Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 22 Oct 2019 13:07
by Scen
Hey there, I haven't played Primal wow in a little while (no specific reason why) but when WoW classic came out I decided to try it out as I never played in vanilla and a few of my irl friends where getting back into it although I only started playing it about 2 days ago. After playing for a little bit I thought there would be no point in ever coming back to Primal but then I thought primal is actually a different game due to the all the changes (which I actually enjoy) so I was thinking about starting to play on here again as well. There are some things I want to know though.

How has the release of classic WoW affected the population of primal and has it had any other effects on the game? What are peoples opinions about Classic vs Primal and did you swap to classic or do you play both and why or why not?

Also slightly off topic how can I see the changes made to this game since I left? (class changes/buffs/nerfs/etc)

One other off topic thing can I change my char into a hunter or create a new level 70 char without having to level? no way im grinding to level cap on both games haha. I have a 70 pala here and I also started a paladin on WoW classic and they feel very different.

Re: Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 23 Oct 2019 02:06
by IronSharona
It's especially different on Primal if you left back during early TBC! We're just getting close to the close of new content for that expansion. Mounts at level 30, anyone? ;) Isle of Quel'Danas opened in the last week or so and Sunwell is getting prepped for release relatively soon. No dates are set as of yet since it truly depends on the developers' availability in the coming weeks compared to other priorities like upcoming holiday event fixes and real life needs.

In terms of population, we are small, as always, but cozy. Sanctuary is the main raiding guild on Primal, to my knowledge, and I still see them regularly clearing content despite many of their players enjoying what Classic has to offer. As you mentioned, it is simply a different experience. You have to choose for yourself what you find most enjoyable :)

Most changes that occur on the server can be found on our Changelogs page though it truly is a job by itself to keep that page up-to-date given the number of progressive fixes pushed regularly. As a result, this page is sometimes not updated for a while to allow developers to focus where it really counts-- fixing the bugs, rather than re-documenting those fixes.

We don't offer class swaps for characters on our servers, but we have expanded our options for transfers between TrueWoW and PrimalWoW (if you had any hunters on TrueWoW realm) and offer compensation characters coming from retail. At this time, we aren't able to process Classic transfers because there is no armory to support proof of ownership of your characters, but if this is a feature you think would be helpful feel free to suggest it or help us plan possible methods of authentication that would be easy and friendly for you.

Thanks for stopping back in!

Re: Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 23 Oct 2019 02:35
by Axis
You can also see a list of changes (that are otherwise not included on the Changelog page) here: ... 48#p426748

Re: Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 24 Oct 2019 03:04
by Scen
Those arent the kinda changes i meant, i remember there were changes being done to primal changing some of the abilites for balance. I remember feral got buffed i think and some other things.

Also i have a max level demon hunter on retail and i think almost max level hunter on there, does that make a difference?
The only way i can think you could add characters from classic wow would be taking screenshots of the char.

Have either of you been playing classic at all?

Re: Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 24 Oct 2019 03:12
by Axis
The only actual changes to PrimalWoW lately have been these:
1. Zul'Aman - Release
2. The Isle of Quel'Danas - Release (first and second post)

There have been no major class related changes since Black Temple, as far as I am aware (You can ask GM Natnat for more details about that).

I have not been playing Classic myself, as my duties keep me busy here.

Re: Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 24 Oct 2019 10:09
by Scen
I've already had one transfer I think, are you only allowed one?

Re: Primal WoW VS Wow Classic

Posted: 25 Oct 2019 00:24
by Axis
One copy transfer (1:1) and one template transfer per person.
Please check: