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Valentines Boss mount and vanity items

Posted: 09 Feb 2020 22:38
by megaloptera

I have attempted the Valentine's holiday boss in SFK a handful of times and have discussed with other Sanctuary guildies.. I am not sure that the mount, pet, and other vanity items are dropping at all. We were wondering if they are bundled as rewards for the RDF que, which was implemented at some point in retail. However, there is no RDF que option for us on this server.

Spider/Megaloptera - Sanctuary Officer

Re: Valentines Boss mount and vanity items

Posted: 10 Feb 2020 12:17
by Dymond
You will have to queue specific in the dungeon finder options the event dungeon. After doing so, you will receive a valentine's box that will contain emblems and chance to receive mount or other items. On Primalwow, devs are still looking into resolving an issue with queuing. You will have to travel to Shadowfang Keep and only items that can be looted are available.