Hadronox OP?

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Hadronox OP?

#1 » Post by Gadoschi » 29 Oct 2017 16:12


Can anyone please check Hadronox in Azjol Nerub?

His healing is OP as fck. Like, he heals to full in like 2 seconds.

Would hate to report it before checking.

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Re: Hadronox OP?

#2 » Post by Regent » 29 Oct 2017 17:08

The problem arises when he is engaged.

1. You start the encounter.
2. Adds spawn and try to engage boss (or your group, depending on who they aggro to first).
3. Boss poisons everyone around him (both the adds as well as your group).
4. Poison ticks heal him and any player who dies from said poison also heals him. Any add that dies also ends up healing him due to the poison.
5. Adds keep spawning in a constant stream, non-stop.
6. Boss's self healing keeps going because of constant poisons.

Compared to his old healing ticks, his current ones are insanely high on the current version.

On the old core, an overgeared group could outdps the heals. It wasn't faceroll but it was doable in a minute or two.
Now, you could have a full group of BIS dps and you won't even dent the boss's HP with all the self healing going on - EVEN IF you don't do any AOE (which you shouldn't be doing anyway).
Why? - Because of # 5 and # 6 above. The adds keep coming. The poisons keep getting applied. Since since we're not supposed to AOE, the adds stay alive until the boss's poison kills them. The healing ticks from said posion keep the boss at full HP the entire time. Eventually your healer will go OOM and you'll wipe.

All this happens while you're trying to stay out of the poison clouds on the ground (and hoping your group does too) and getting pulled back toward the boss every 10-15 seconds whenever you spread out. The adds love to interrupt spells too. So if you're a caster, you're screwed if they're aggro'd to you (seeing as the tank has boss + a dozen adds to handle already).

As you can imagine, this encounter can be utterly hell to do with an undergeared group. Your only choice ends up being that the tank has to hold the boss and adds while the group runs ahead and jumps down to the next area and then the tank jumps too once everyone else is safely out of the encounter. The chance of a wipe is pretty high too if the tank isn't sufficiently geared enough to tank and survive long enough to pull this off.

Now, is this Blizzlike?
Or is the amount of healing from the poisons screwed up in this latest build?
I don't know.

Some staff member should chime in.
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Re: Hadronox OP?

#3 » Post by m2oenergym2o » 30 Oct 2017 21:47

In few words we have more luck with freya having full stacks than overdps this spider...

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Re: Hadronox OP?

#4 » Post by Kajel » 31 Oct 2017 02:47

Gotta wait till PW reaches wotlk to get a fix for this guys sorry!

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Re: Hadronox OP?

#5 » Post by Spectrez » 31 Oct 2017 03:00

Kajel wrote:
31 Oct 2017 02:47
Gotta wait till PW reaches wotlk to get a fix for this guys sorry!
Thats a weird attitude to have - so far this is a discussion about Hadronox.

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Re: Hadronox OP?

#6 » Post by Axis » 18 Dec 2018 18:23

No longer an issue with latest few fixes for Hadronox.
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