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Re: Herb places

#16 » Post by OkweL » 29 Mar 2011 20:49

The reason why there is no reply from GMs yet, is because in this case only @Roel can reply.

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Re: Herb places

#17 » Post by Tuffeyy » 13 Apr 2011 04:54

Whilst this problem is being fixed are there any specific zones in outlands that have herbs?
For example in Azeroth you have The Barrens, Felwood, Badlands and other such places that have an abundance of herbs

Is there such a place in outlands or is it just collecting the small amount you see
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Re: Herb places

#18 » Post by feragho » 16 Sep 2011 12:05

can anyone make post a picture with herb routine in barrens and those lower lvl areas.. so it will help a lot


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