Request for information about a quest

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Request for information about a quest

#1 » Post by Doctor_J » 25 Apr 2013 19:23

As you guessed from the title I am looking for information as have been working on Foolish Endeavors but seem to be having a little trouble trying to find a specific entry, by where Varidus the Flenser spawns on retail there are a load of yellow cocoon type of things, during the event for this quest Varidus the Flenser should release a load of warsong aberations and plague eruptors from this cocoons but cant seem to find entry for these.

I am guessing creature since the spell to release the npcs is a aoe insta kill spell which Varidus is meant to cast when he shouts 'RISE!'

Has anyone got any ideas about what those cocoons are they look much like other webbed victims in game except for been yellow.

If anyone knows or can find out would be appreciated very much

If anyone is interested on how this is getting on its working except for the absence of the cocoons and abberations so poor Saurfang has got nothing much to cleave on except varidus ofc
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