Plunderbeard must be found.

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Plunderbeard must be found.

#1 » Post by Mithrandir » 05 Jun 2013 15:36

I request some kind of tweaking to the area you have to pass to finish this quest, as there are too many mobs spawned in the last chamber, which leads to the quest being barely possibly to do without dieing. Maybe some paladin or so can do it, but I think most classes will just get mercilessly killed there.

And I'll quote from wowhead comments:
be careful if you decide to "run" as the adominations will hook you and haul you back, there are 2 of them on the way to him, so be careful :)
There's 4 abominations, not 2, and probably too many of those leprous gnomes as well.

So if any dev could look into this, that'd be great.

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