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Veteran Nanny

Posted: 04 Dec 2013 17:33
by Racamon
This achievement "Veteran Nanny" worked 2010 last time I think, back on BC. Then it stopped working. I also see that ppl from TW don't have it either, nor some from Spermik. They usualy have 1 pet and then nothing. Same as me, and it pokes my eyes, like Velara with consecrated bayonetes!
Since 2011, 2012 and 2013 this achi was bug also, I guess it is hard to fix it, so I was just wandering, would it be easier to put those pets in Vote Shop? For some crazy big price ofc, not to be easy to buy them. Thus in that way we could finish that achievement.
I would have it last year if it was working btw. So it is kinda lame to miss year, after year, after year to finish it. :(

P.S. If this is not posible, please tell us if there is chance to fix this achi next year?

Re: Veteran Nanny

Posted: 04 Dec 2013 17:44
by Doctor_J
Well actually a lot of older players now have 2/3 pets towards this achievement as quests where reset at children's week this year but ye people only got 1 pet between 2009 and 2012 due to event quests never resetting.