Inventory export addon?

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Inventory export addon?

#1 » Post by candre23 » 05 Jun 2020 04:32

Back in retail I remember there was an addon that could export the contents of your bank and bags, and that could be converted to HTML. It was used by guilds which outgrew their guild bank and had a bunch of bank alts holding the overflow. They would host the inventory data on their guild page.

I can't for the life of me find it now. Anybody know what it was called or know of anything that mimics this functionality that will work on this patch?

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Re: Inventory export addon?

#2 » Post by Regent » 05 Jun 2020 05:07

candre23 wrote:
I'm not familiar with such an addon, but I can point you to the The TW Armory and The PW Armory.
It lets you access your inventory and guild bank, among other things.

Just search for your character, then go to its page and click the red inventory button near the trinket slots.
From there, you can view your inventory, bank, mail, key ring and your currency tab.
Only you can do this. Nobody else will see it if they check out your character.

For guilds vaults, just search for your guild, then go its page and click on the "Bank" button.
Anyone who is a member of the guild can do this. They just have to be logged into their forum account first (the one that's linked to their game account with characters in that guild).

In your case, you can just take screenshots of your inventory and guild vault and host them wherever you like.
You'll have to periodically take new screenshots though (if you frequently withdraw/deposit stuff).

Our guild uses this all the time, along with the Auction House page and the Talent Calculator page.
It's very handy.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Inventory export addon?

#3 » Post by Doctor_J » 05 Jun 2020 11:44

I’m also not familiar with this. I do know I have an addon which stores this data on your hard drive, so you maybe able to use this. The name of the addon is altoholic. It is an addon to share your character info, professions, inventory so you can see on all your characters and in item tool tips. This will also share this data with other members of your guild also using the addon.

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Re: Inventory export addon?

#4 » Post by candre23 » 05 Jun 2020 16:16

Regent wrote:
05 Jun 2020 05:07
click the red inventory button near the trinket slots.

The armory was the first thing I looked at, but I didn't see anything for inventory. It didn't occur to me that the three dots on a red square would be it. They couldn't have used the backpack icon or something?

Thanks. I think that will be sufficient for my needs. Certainly easier than exporting and converting lists manually.

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Re: Inventory export addon?

#5 » Post by temper » 01 Aug 2020 22:28

I know it's late, but maybe BankItems is what you are looking for?
download :

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