Mass leaving in RBG

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Re: Mass leaving in RBG

#16 » Post by Folkk » 20 May 2016 16:51

benzviliran wrote:

this is what is happening in rbgs alot, this yellow message with a player name, there are players that are shown in this message for so many times .

Dude. He didn't actually leave. It was a visual bug and he stayed untill the end of it.
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Re: Mass leaving in RBG

#17 » Post by benzviliran » 22 May 2016 17:58

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*This Retardinho guy AFKs outside graveyard ress range for several minutes*

[14:08:30][BG] [Vengeance]: retardinho
[14:08:31][BG] [Vengeance]: ally alt
[14:08:32][BG] [Vengeance]: :)
[14:08:50][BG] [Swagtrain]: looks like it
[14:08:55][BG] [Swagtrain]: he's just sitting outside the GY rang
[14:08:56][BG] [Swagtrain]: range
[14:08:59]Notification sent for Retardinho.
[14:14:25]Notification sent for Retardinho.
*He comes back from his afk*
[14:15:17][BG] [Swagtrain]: hey Retardinho
[14:15:23][BG] [Swagtrain]: why are you here if your name is retard and you have no gear and afk the whole bg
[14:15:22][BG] [Vengeance]: sup
[14:15:25][BG] [Vengeance]: retard
[14:15:50][BG] [Retardinho]: if you even know a fraction of who i am , it will break you in two retard
[14:16:03][BG] [Retardinho]: its not my main
[14:16:48][BG] [Swagtrain]: lmao
[14:16:57][BG] [Swagtrain]: next time try not to sit outside the GY ress range for minutes on end
[14:17:01][BG] [Swagtrain]: and I won't think you're actually retarded
[14:17:13][BG] [Swagtrain]: smh
[14:17:35][BG] [Retardinho]: friend ! bg is for noobs . im playing it as fun
[14:17:44][BG] [Swagtrain]: ? lol
[14:17:53][BG] [Retardinho]: laugh more
[14:17:59]Retardinho has left the raid group.
[14:17:59]Retardinho has left the battle

So, he basically spent 5(+) minutes afking outside the graveyard resurrection range, comes back, threatens me and says bgs are for noobs and he's playing it for fun, then leaves.
I think I've met this guy before, too, in a similar context, lol.

[15:34:43][BG] [Swagtrain]: 2 priests
[15:34:44][BG] [Swagtrain]: fucking heal me
[15:34:45][BG] [Swagtrain]: or shield me
[15:34:46][BG] [Swagtrain]: do SOMETHING
[15:34:50][BG] [Swagtrain]: I was the only one taking damage
[15:34:56][BG] [Swagtrain]: and you guys are spamming mind flay and shit
[15:35:02][BL] [Vestica]: go ally
[15:35:06][BG] [Swagtrain]: lol
[15:35:12][BG] [Swagtrain]: learn to play
[15:35:35][BL] [Vestica]: i wont
[15:35:37][BL] [Vestica]: so?
people do that very often , actually so often that it happens 99% of the rbgs and reduce their quality much, that is one example out of many. (refering to that retardinho)
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Re: Mass leaving in RBG

#18 » Post by benzviliran » 30 May 2016 22:25

still not an issue?

3 players logged off in middle of a rbg and at the start of it.

midgedpetron or a warlock named like that also went off in middle .

this ashleyy i always see her leaving a rbg like really always, if anyone should be banned for leaving a rbg thats him/her.

its like she/he joins a rbg just to leave it seriously.

and ask players in this rbg how unfair it was when we had over 10 people leaving the rbg in the middle or going offline against 14 hordes who were playing since the start and untill the very end of the bg.

it was completely 6vs14.

dont think thats an issue? it happens alot and they enjoy the logic of "i cant be banned" for leaving a rbg or logging off in the middle. and seriously i aint talking about a player that does that 1 or 2 or 3 or even 4 and 5 times im talking about freaking all the time.
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