Video: Inquisition - TOC25HC Immortality

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Video: Inquisition - TOC25HC Immortality

#1 » Post by iceshock » 05 Nov 2016 04:37

Hey guys.

Last night our TOC25HC achieved Immortality which was not expected or planned, as we treat TOC25HC as a gearing run for new player's to the guild / server or for new alt's as some nice gear drops from this raid.

Sorry about the footage it's not the best, nobody was recording as we wasn't expecting it to happen since TOC got scripted / fixed etc.

But anyway's Enjoy! watch in HD :)

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Re: Video: Inquisition - TOC25HC Immortality

#2 » Post by adiba » 05 Nov 2016 07:25

omg turn your transmog on :cry:

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Re: Video: Inquisition - TOC25HC Immortality

#3 » Post by Gnurg » 05 Nov 2016 12:02

Well done! With fixed worms, this is quite challenging. :$

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Re: Video: Inquisition - TOC25HC Immortality

#4 » Post by mcheka » 05 Nov 2016 13:05

Was a nice and smooth run, still cool to get it as ToC is much harder than it was before! To be fair though we had a really overgeared and strong group, and got very lucky...

The most impressive thing would be to get the achievement in proper ToC gear rather than ICC25HC+RS25HC gear... then we'd have to actually understand the fights and have good tactics for ToC then.
Gnurg wrote:Well done! With fixed worms, this is quite challenging. :$
The Jaraxxus changes which came at the same time also made the raid much more challenging (the Infernals that spawn from the Volcanoes can really hurt with their AoE).

Currently though, it's mostly about luck and (over)gear though. If the worms spit at the wrong people, they can AoE a lot of people who are in the way (regardless of positioning). Likewise for Paralytic Toxin. The burning breath can also miss the tank and then you're really quite-luck dependent as paralyzed players have nothing they can do -- and if they happened to be on the far side of the room they might die before they get freed.

Champions always has a ridiculous number of close calls (e.g. 10% hp) on non-defense capped players -- if any of those is a crit it's bye-bye achievement.

Twins are still broken because you can get the wrong spells in the wrong order, and with luck (as it was) it can be that case that you never have to switch essences throughout the fight.

Anub'arak no-death? Pretty easy if you overgear it... 3 tanks for safety (so healers don't pick up too much add aggro) and 6-7 healers and you'll still have the DPS to kill the boss through all the "safety" healing just through the sheer overgear.
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Re: Video: Inquisition - TOC25HC Immortality

#5 » Post by Dymond » 05 Nov 2016 14:51

Congrats! Nice job!
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