Medivhal Knights (Guild Recruiting!) PW

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Medivhal Knights (Guild Recruiting!) PW

#1 » Post by Wyvernslayer » 17 Jul 2017 02:12

Hey guys, Medivhal Knights is now recruiting on Primal Wow Server!

We are a great crew of socials and levelers who like to chit chat and have fun while we level, if you are social, new to the server or bored join up and hang with us!

Do you like to raid? We are building up our raid team from prospective recruits! Draw on the experience of knowledgeable players who are friendly and willing to share strats and gameplay mechanics with you to help improve your game, gear up in sweet epic lootz, and drop bosses like hot mics!

We are both EU and NA, and just love to have fun all around. If you're looking for a friendly crew, please give us a try!

Message Azlan, Tankzalot, or any member in game for an invite!

See you in Outland!

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Re: Medivhal Knights (Guild Recruiting!) PW

#2 » Post by Thena » 17 Jul 2017 03:34

In an unkind world, we must take it upon ourselves to be kind.

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