Looking for Raiding Guild

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Horde, this is a good place to find them.
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Looking for Raiding Guild

#1 » Post by Vladifear » 26 Nov 2013 06:57

Hello fellow Hordies;

I've recently dinged 80 on my priest (shadow/holy) and, while working on my gear, I'm looking to get into a raiding guild. Please excuse my arrogance, I'm just trying to put my best foot forward: I am a VERY experienced raider in WotLK. I started playing WoW when this expansion came out and moved to private servers when Cata was released. I've done every fight, know all the tactics, and have a very good in-depth knowledge of the game and it's mechanics. I use that knowledge to help out my fellow raiders. I even have a rule: tell people something they did great, then tell them something they could improve on. That keeps their morale high and seems to have a great success rate in them following the advice.

I've been in the game long enough to know that lots of people use the seemingly infallible tactic of "over-gear the raid, we'll just zerg it." While this may work on occasion, I have no interest in guilds that employ that as their foremost tactic. Being a programmer myself, I really enjoy the mechanics side of fights (if this happens, then this happens.) Even when I get to the point where I over-gear a fight, I'd rather play it according to mechanics than zerg it.

Now that I've given a little background, let me lay these facts out plain and simple.

What I can bring to your guild:
1. Need a solid dps? Perfect, I'm shadow spec which brings replenishment, a nice chunk of raid healing, plenty of dispels, 3% hit rating for your other casters, and you never have to worry about healing me.
2. Always missing a healer? My gear isn't quite up to par for healing roles just yet, but I'm grinding heroics and can be your kickass go-to healer soon.
3. As mentioned above, I know most WotLK fights like the back of my hand.
4. Ohhh the game knowledge. While there are a few classes I've yet to play, I make sure when I level one up, I learn everything there is to know about it. Consider me your personal WoWWiki. If a guildie ever has questions about their class, I have the answers if I've played it.
5. Alchemy: Flasks for everyone!!

What I'm looking for in your guild:
1. Scheduled raids, and stick to it! If a raid is scheduled for 7pm, I'll be ready to raid at 6:50, and I won't be happy if we call it off :(
2. Fellow raiders that match my level of play. Sure call me elitist, I don't care, I play to win. If I think someone could do better than they are, I'll help them achieve that.
3. A mature atmosphere: when I log in and ask the guild if they wanna do anything, the answer shouldn't be, "your mom." Okay, maybe once or twice, it's kinda funny; but past that no.
4. Know that ICC isn't the only raid in existence. Naxx is incredibly fun, Ulduar will be even more so when it's working fully, let's run those occasionally?
5. A loot system. DKP's awesome, I'll happily explain all its benefits over /rolling if you'd like. But I'd really rather not lose some BiS piece because of bad luck on a roll.
6. Voice chat during raids is a huge plus.
7. Lastly, locale. English speaking guilds only please. I'm from the US but I play during the night/morning so server time I'm on from 1pm - 6pm. Weekends I'll be on earlier.

So if that sounds like your guild and you're looking for a player like me, let me know, PM on forums or in game and we can discuss it further.

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