[SPC] Recruitment. ( horde )

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Horde, this is a good place to find them.
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[SPC] Recruitment. ( horde )

#1 » Post by d0chaser » 02 Jan 2015 19:50

Are you lonely?
Do you have thoughts about jumping off high cliffs or zeps to ease your depression?
Do you like to kill small critters after you /love them?

Question 1:
You are questing out in the woods. When you come across a small critter. It's fluffy and small and minding it's own damn business.
Do you A) Decide you are going to kill it? or B) Go around and leave it be?

IF you chose B Go away.
If you chose A Please keep reading.

Question 2:
So you are going to kill the critter. Good idea, as you start hiding behind a tree and waiting for the right moment to stomp on the little bastard. Closer and closer the critter is getting NOW! You stomp but the little dickhead dodges and runs up your leggings and starts gnawing on your soft delicate bits.
Do you A) Start ripping off your leggings to let the ungodly demon critter out of your pants without harming it?
or B) Grab the closest thing and start ringing your self like a bell till the little bastard dies?

If you chose A Go away.
If you chose B. Then SPC might be the right place for you.

Thanks for reading! We are a small group of friends that have been with each other for going on 8 years now. When I mean small like 4-5 people that are left from when we played retail. We are twisted and like to have fun since this is a game, stress reliever, whatever. We have only been on this server for a little over a month and are not looking to create a massive guild with loads of people. Just looking for some like minded people that want to play the game and have fun doing it.

For more info contact Dochaser, Haxcal in game or you can see if we are online in the TS server at ts.frostology.net.

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Re: [SPC] Recruitment. ( horde )

#2 » Post by Wilcox » 04 Jan 2015 16:10

im going to join you in summer you people sound sexy asf

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Re: [SPC] Recruitment. ( horde )

#3 » Post by Zan » 05 Jan 2015 12:36

Heil hydra fellow HDLers
Zan Zanny Zanney

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