rest in peace...makers

If you are looking for a guild, guild members or leveling partners among the Horde, this is a good place to find them.
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rest in peace...makers

#1 » Post by Globwush » 21 May 2015 23:25

so the last weeks i was a little busy with work. as i came online yesterday my guild was gone.
a shame, i met pretty nice people there. and thats what im looking for again!

something about me:

i did all the hardcore-stuff back in the days, played wow on retail, vanilla to mid-cataclysm, then got bored.
now i just play a couple of hours a week to a greater or lesser extent, for fun and nostalgia.
i am not looking for some hardmode-power-farming-guild, just some nice and fun grown-ups to have a good time with.
i like my oldshoolraids and BGs once in a while, arena not so much. because with the ages there comes the slowness i guess :)

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Re: rest in peace...makers

#2 » Post by Kniteknite » 22 May 2015 02:01

welcome back and...[youtube]83CbxU5zDzA[/youtube] ;)
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