World Drop patterns

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World Drop patterns

#1 » Post by cts17 » 20 Nov 2019 15:50


I saw Andrius mention AH bot, and it got me to thinking on world drop patterns from bygone expansions. I'm a Blacksmith, and there's a few patterns I haven't acquired yet, some from reputation, some from quests, and some from world drops.

I don't want to cheapen getting these patterns by having them on the AH bot, but without hundreds or thousands of people killing boars and bears and centaurs in Azeroth anymore, these patterns have gone the way of the Dodo.

I was wondering if these patterns could be added to the drop table of a particular mob tucked somewhere in Azeroth. For example, perhaps Dawnbringer Shoulders could have a 10% drop chance off the Water Elementals in Blackwood Lake in Eastern Plaguelands.

This way players who are looking to complete their recipe lists have "quests" to do, wherein they still have to go and farm something, but it's not locked away behind a 0.001% drop rate.

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