TrueWoW's Euro2016 Football Prediction Competition!

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Re: TrueWoW's Euro2016 Football Prediction Competition!

#31 » Post by shaun03 » 12 Jul 2016 06:41

Bluebell wrote:I expected nothing of my country, and I was still disappointed.
It's rather funny how the British media seemed to hype England up before the tournament. A bit of the Liverpool "this is our year" nonsense. ;p
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Re: TrueWoW's Euro2016 Football Prediction Competition!

#32 » Post by belendor » 13 Jul 2016 07:49

belendor wrote:Belgium wont win in the olympics, they might on euro16
I was so wrong. We won 3 medals on euro athletics and yellow rider in tour the france for a while, while our team on euro16 did so bad D:
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Re: TrueWoW's Euro2016 Football Prediction Competition!

#33 » Post by Bluebell » 15 Jul 2016 01:12

This year we knew we were bad. We knew we were not favourites. We went in thinking we could do well, but not win it.

Instead we played a wide formation based on wingers crossing to tall forwards.

We left our tall, heading forwards behind.
Our only forward good for heading took our free kicks and corners. Some from 40 yards.
We took one very out of form winger. One. What can you do with one winger?
We took and played in multiple games, a midfielder who had played only 3 games all season, and they were for u21s. He's about 25.
We took 5 strikers. Three got played on the wings and one in central midfield.

Everyone said Iceland played really well. But they didn't. They had two shots on target, both went in. Both were poor goals. It was more England played horribly, more we had no tactics. Yes, Iceland played with heart and a lot better than they should have been able to. But they beat England purely because England played horrible. We took the wrong players, we played players out of position, we didn't use our subs correctly. Our tactics didn't match our players and we played people who didn't perform in the group stages, during the Iceland game when they should be dropped.

But hey, our manager was the highest paid there.
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