PSA: Data Breaches

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PSA: Data Breaches

#1 » Post by w0lf » 03 Jan 2018 21:05

Hello TrueWoWers!

Original Source:
Source Credit:

Sources' source:

Check for yourself:

Further reading: ... mbot-dump/
DJNachos wrote: TL;DR - 1.4 billion passwords & usernames leaked - change your password
Why is this time different? Because a lot of the companies involved (e.g. Uber) neglected to report the breaches and in some cases actively tried to cover it up, without alerting users.

In my case, 2/5 of my "active" emails and relating passwords have been compromised on sites like and 000webhost.

If you receive notifications from companies asking to review personal data, changes in policy etc. be aware that there is an increased chance that these are FAKE. If you receive any such email, delete it and visit the website in question directly. Double check you are HTTPS enabled for any and all connections.

If you have any questions I'll be on hand in this forum, otherwise stay safe and good luck!
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