Frost DK 3.3.5a DPS PvE Guide

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Re: Frost DK 3.3.5a DPS PvE Guide

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Justicelight wrote:
11 Feb 2020 15:01
Crown wrote:
30 Nov 2014 19:56

2.2 Rune Grace Period priority

Once you have used all your runic abilities (Obliterate, Blood Strike..) as soon as they come off, use this priority system without going past the Rune Grace Period (2.5s) which translates to one global cooldown which is either
Full Runic Power Frost Strike or Killing Machine Frost Strike
Howling Blast with Rime
Frost Strike
Horn of Winter
Hey Crown, could you explain a bit why I shouldn`t go past 2.5 seconds? Would this place my rune cd back to 10 seconds, if time spent after rune became ready and when I used it passes 2.5 seconds?
It would place it back to 10s iirc
Crown aka Poslednji

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