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Unholy is on pair with Frost 3.3.5a DPS (if you do this)

Posted: 30 Jan 2020 20:52
by exchanger1
If you spec into Ghoul Frenzy talent (and replace it for Unholy Blight or some other low dps talent) and in priority system you do GF first, then rest of the priority (keeping dots up, keeping desolation etc). This way you'll get 150 more dps (kahorie test) and you will be pretty similar to frost endgame dps

I suggest Need to Know and/or Tell Me When addons to track internal cooldown of your powerful CDs, so you can delay GF for like a few seconds when you have one or more CDs lined up for even a greater boost

I only found about this in 2019, when testera (his dk alt is frithell) told me me on skype that he saw some dk playing in some server with this talent, so he tested it in kahorie and reported it back to me