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Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 16:11
by Razzez
Could anyone link me or provide me with the information of all the different pets I can tame and their benefits?

I'm using a raptor for DPS and a spider for pvp but I would like a tanking pet and maybe another pvp pet or two with different abilities. I'm hoping to find a list that shows each pets unique abilities compared to others that is relevant to THIS server.

Thank you! Any help is always appreciated :)

Re: Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 16:22
by Cleofatra
Check out my hunter guide in the class forums. There is a link to Petopia for wotlk. :)

Re: Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 16:34
by Razzez
Thanks, excellent guide! The bat stun looks promising, so does the 25 percent increased cast speed debuff, any thoughts on those?

Re: Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 16:35
by Razzez
For PVP of course, the bear or turtle seem good for aoe tanking

Re: Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 17:41
by Cleofatra
Bat stun is nice in PvP I'd imagine and I have been meaning to train one. I think the 25% cast debuff is too situational to be good. It's the same reason I've been hesitant to get a Bird for the disarm 6 seconds. I've been liking the Crab or Spider for the pin/web 4 second immobilize in PvP. I do think the Spider is better b/c it's ranged, not channeled, and it's a Cunning pet so it can get improved dash instead of the charge.

I would use the Spider or Bird for utility/WSG or Raptor for bursting people down quickly (AB/AV). Or Bat for overall usefulness.

Yea bear or turtle would be nice for grinding mobs. I found with my raid gear and Rhok'delar even the raptor can't keep threat off me.. kinda stinks but w/e.

Re: Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 10 Sep 2015 14:09
by .djgoku76
I have always used cats as DPS pets... Old reliable... Humar The Pridelord

Re: Pets and all their differences?

Posted: 10 Jun 2016 16:21
by Chillmaster
WOLF - Good DPS in PVE, also gives you Furious Howl and that is why it makes the best pet for PVE, Furious howl gives u attack power boost making it better than a cat.

CRAB- Probably the best pet to use against melees in pvp, totally the best pet if you are playing with a healer in arena. Crab gives u abilities such as intervene. If you know how to use it then you will be able to dodge very powerful spells such as Blind, Kidney shot, Cheap shot, Chimera shot, Mortal strike, Aimed shot, Ambush, Pounce, Maim, Judgment of light (or any other judgment) and many other abilities. Crab (as spider) Can root the target for 4 seconds, the down fact of that is it has to be on melee range and it can be interrupted by thunderstorm, stun on pet, etc, it is still a very good pet vs melee

SPIDER- Spider is also good against melees and while playing in arena with a healer. The difference between spider and crab is: Spider has web that roots the player for 4 seconds, although that effect cannot be interrupted even by killing pet, the only way is by dispelling it, the spider does not have intervene so you cannot intervene other player`s abilities BUT the spider has roar of recovery which is like a mini innervate (gives you mana). So if you think you have horrible timing or prediction of spells at PvP then definitely spider would be a better option than the cap.

RAVAGER- Has the same mana ability as spider, they pretty similar except ravage stuns the target instead of rooting the target, it is a very good pet to play in such arena combos as feral/MM, retri/MM. The down side of the [Ravage] the pet stun is it only lasts 2 seconds, so you should use it wisely, its very effective against casters since you can use scatter shot ( Does not have flying time) so you can interrupt the cast, then silencing shot, then feign death, and then you got the pet stun. So that makes 4 interrupted casts, imagine how much DPS can a hunter do on a caster that is wasting time trying to cast something for 4 attempts.

TURTLE- Bears are cool, gorillas are cool but nothing beats the mini shield wall of turtle, turtle is the most tanky pet in the game you get get Cower and then you get Shield Shell. I did make a BM-tank spec-gear and i did tank VOA10n with my pet. I also tanked hailon in 10n (Had aggro issues but that is another story).

There are many other pets you can have but i believe these are the most relevant you can get for Marksmanship/Survival.
For BeastMastery i would say Raptor for PVE, Chimera for PVP and then again probably turtle for tanking.