[unleashed fury] bugged

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[unleashed fury] bugged

#1 » Post by wormmad » 10 May 2011 02:03

this is bm hunter pet dmg increase Talent [unleashed fury] it says increase pet dmg 15% when it upto 5 talent points.. but my pet didnt even get 1 point of dmg when i upit... its 15% DMG whitout it bm sucks..
plz replay me if im wrong ..

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Re: [unleashed fury] bugged

#2 » Post by Kraith » 10 May 2011 02:26

From what I hear, BM is very bugged. :\
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Re: [unleashed fury] bugged

#3 » Post by Dr. Who » 11 May 2011 03:09

off all 3 talents BM is the most buged.
but i still like it. =) "BM for ever!" (i only go has SV on raids)
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Re: [unleashed fury] bugged

#4 » Post by Raxxo » 07 Aug 2013 16:10

Is this still bugged?

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