[PW] Quickstarter Guide for Hunters

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[PW] Quickstarter Guide for Hunters

#1 » Post by Dunkelstein » 24 Apr 2016 15:44

This is by no means an in-depth guide or a guide that claims to provide the bestest build out there. It's merely some orientation for completely new players/alt hunters, and it did and still does what it's supposed to do.
Copy-pasted from my post in our guild forums from back in 2015. If I left some guild stuff like ranks or names of crafters in there, please ignore it.

Q: Why MM?
A: It is reliable and has a good learning curve.

Q: Why post this guide now?
A: Thought I could help the new players by shedding some light on how Hunters work on Primal.
Spoiler Alert: They mostly work like they did in 3.3.5 (orly)
As was already said, this is only a beginner's cookie-cutter guide.

More stuff coming up soon on our guild forums. A man must keep some secrets to himself and his allies :^)
I have tried to promote self education for long enough now, and finally accept the fact that I failed. I'll be taking the liberty of sculpting this thread into a cookie-cutter step by step guide, to give newbies a boost that should ensure a steady performance in raids. My first step was deleting Shippu's shitty intro post. More coming up.

Pre-Raid things, the TURBO version:

http://www.truewow.org/armory/talentcal ... ,0,0,0,0,0
The 4 free points are really personal preference or situational.
Don't be afraid of putting points into Focused Aim to reach the 8% Hit Cap for raids and keep in mind that it does not show up in the stats of your ingame character sheet under 'Ranged'.
Good single target, AoE, ranged with and without pet, decent movability, awesome raid buff. Readiness as Utility CD for double tranq, distract, FD, Deterrence or Trap. Reliable All-rounder spec.

Pet on PASSIVE. ALWAYS. Hunter's Mark before pull. Start off with Serpent Sting without Autoshot by strafing left or right and de-selecting target, to reduce chance of over-aggroing. Send in your pet.
Prioritise your highest damaging ability followed by second highest, etc.. Determine highest hitting abilities via Recount.

Cookie-Cutter Single Target Rotation:
1.: Serpent Sting
2.: Pet Attack
-Full DPS go-
2.: Rapid Fire + Trinket/Orc Racial + Aimed Shot + Auto Shot + Feign Death
3.: Arcane Shot!
4.: Steady Shot inbetween CDs
5.: Arcane Shot -> Aimed Shot -> Serpent Sting -> Arcane Shot -> Readiness + Rapid Fire -> Rinse and Repeat!
Keep Serpent Sting up and use Steady Shot without gimping your Arcane/Aimed CD.
Make sure your Autoshot does not bug out. Sometimes just restarting Autoshot can fix it, if your character looks like it's trying to melee all the time then only a Feign Death can fix it.
Feign Death to reduce threat and cancel negative casts on you.
Steady Shot is your lowest hitting ability in single target. Regen mana with Aspect of the Viper on Steady Shots or Volley, then switch back to Aspect of the Hawk to get max Damage from Arcane/Aimed/Auto.

Level 52: Complete Winterfall Firewater quest chain, when you kill the mob for the last part pick up the book item to get Strength of the High Chief.
Level 53: Get your hands on a Dwarven Hand Cannon via Auction House, Trade channel, Guild Vault or a lucky world drop.
Level 55: Do your Onyxia attunement for Blackhand's Breadth and Voone's Vice Grips. Alliance starts with Dragonkin Menace, Horde with Warlord's Command.
Level 56:
Go to Dire Maul West:
Run through the room with the Skeletons and all the way up to Shen'dralar Ancient.
Pick up the quests, complete the dungeon AND DON'T LEAVE BEFORE TURNING THE QUEST IN to get Backwood Helm.
Get Bracers of the Eclipse from the last boss.
Level 57:
Go to Tirion Fordring and do all his quests to get Mark of Fordring.
Do Dire Maul North Tribute Runs for 2x Tarnished Elven Ring and Barbarous Blade.
Go do Scholomance, first boss summoned with Blood of Innocents, for Windreaver Greaves.
Go to Stratholme Service Entrance aka Strath Undead for Cape of the Black Baron.
Level 60:
Apply for Knight Rank on forums. The applying part is crucial. I will personally see to it that you get in touch with crafters and gatherers of the guild to equip you with some crafted items, but I will not waste the guild's resources on people who could leave the guild at any moment for all we know.
Crafted and BoE:
Black Dragonscale Shoulders
Black Dragonscale Breastplate
Beaststalker's Belt
Black Dragonscale Leggings
Dwarven Hand Cannon

Check http://www.truewow.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=33829 For some of the better pre raid things that are worth considering to swap for hit cap/personal preference etc..

Felicity has access to all ENCHANTS:
Chest: +4 Stats
Feet: Minor Speed or +7 Agility or +5 Hit Rating (Hit Cap should be your #1 priority)
Wrists: +7 Intellect
Hands: +7 Agility
Back: +3 Agility
Weapon: +25 Agility
Enchanting mats are easily accessible even if you don't have the profession, so don't expect any handouts in that regard.
Ranged: Sniper Scope PM Dunkelstein

Elixir of the Mongoose
Juju Guile from A quest in Winterspring or Elixir of Greater Intellect
Thorium Headed Arrow or Thorium Shells PM Dunkelstein
Brilliant Wizard Oil
Clamlette Magnifique from A Cooking quest in Gadgetzan or Charred Bear Kabobs
Try to get all the consumables and mats you can on your own or ask for them before the raid.

You should now be able to pull your weight in atleast MC, Ony and ZG in terms of DPS, hitting tranq shots and distracting shots. Now you just have to watch your threat and move out of fire.
For further questions PM Dunkelstein or post a comment.
This should cover the basics. Please post a comment if you have any suggestions!

Edits: Incorrect links to old forum posts. Merge be damned!
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Re: [PW] Quickstarter Guide

#2 » Post by Fastor » 24 Apr 2016 15:51

Just alter topic name to "[PW] Quickstarter Guide for Hunters" since my first idea when l saw this was its General Guide no matter its location on forum. ;)

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Re: [PW] Quickstarter Guide

#3 » Post by Dunkelstein » 24 Apr 2016 15:58

Fastor wrote:Just alter topic name to "[PW] Quickstarter Guide for Hunters" since my first idea when l saw this was its General Guide no matter its location on forum. ;)
It's located in the correct sub forum, and this way I get more CLICKS! huehuehue.....k :(
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Re: [PW] Quickstarter Guide for Hunters

#4 » Post by offheal » 24 Apr 2016 22:36

Some Sweet oneshot macros???
p.s use openwow links, they provide tooltips

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Re: [PW] Quickstarter Guide for Hunters

#5 » Post by Dunkelstein » 24 Apr 2016 23:19

offheal wrote:Some Sweet oneshot macros???
Dunkelstein wrote:A man must keep some secrets to himself
offheal wrote:p.s use openwow links, they provide tooltips
Items in actual correct categories, quest chains listed correctly, easy button to wowhead, filter options....
I don't think a tooltip that is bugged 90% of the time can compete. Atleast not for me :]
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