Annoying classes for a mage

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Annoying classes for a mage

#1 » Post by Gurdjieff » 28 Jun 2011 19:59

In my short but intense frost mage expierience I've never been able to win against certain classes 1v1. Those are:
* Warlocks with any spec with the right pet, most of them use the void which is a free 8k shield, however when they have their felhunter or their succubus they win really easy.
* Shadow priests: They kill me before i can do them some damage.
* Feral druids: When a feral druid knows how to powershift its like an unkiteable rogue.
I wanna know if you guys have any succesful strat against those clases/specs.
Let me introduce myself: I'm Gurdjieff and...
I rolled a Warlock but Rogues raped me all the time
so I rolled a Rogue but Warriors raped me all the time
so I rolled a Warrior but Mages raped me all the time
so I rolled a Mage but Warlocks raped me all the time
so I rolled a Warlock but...

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Re: Annoying classes for a mage

#2 » Post by Flagg » 30 Jun 2011 23:02

Feral druids are not unkiteable, it just requires some skill to do so. If they already have a slow on, you don't waste another one.
For example, don't use Cone of Cold for damage. Use it as an instant and powerful slow with a small but significant cooldown.
The same applies to Freeze and Frost nova, don't use them just to power up your damage with a shatter combo. Use them to survive.
This and knowing when to blow Ice Block (to clear bleeding effects) are the trick to defeating a feral druid.

Still, they'll be pretty hard. They are a good counterclass to frost mages after all.

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Re: Annoying classes for a mage

#3 » Post by Rehan » 03 Jul 2011 22:07

Warlocks and Hunters are the only annoying classes for me.

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Re: Annoying classes for a mage

#4 » Post by Malpraxis » 05 Aug 2011 03:43

Well, I managed to handle Warlocks just fine, due to immense crits and being able to dispell Fear as Undead, but I'm having serious problems with Hunters and Rogues. I haven't tried Feral Druid and Warrior yet, though.

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Re: Annoying classes for a mage

#5 » Post by Darchrow » 06 Nov 2011 23:06

ROFL, a warlock that uses voidwalker against a mage is a big time noob warlock,
mages can spellsteal practically everything, and its maybe the most important spell for mages,
spell stealing the damage absorption provided by warlock's void would make us rambo and we r then able to toast the wralock, no matter how geared he is.
as for succubus, she a pain in the ..., very annoying, always charming u, but a good warlock would always use against a mage the felhunter, silencing a mage is op, if we silence a lock, it would be very smart of him to spel lock us meanwhile, so that we dont get a free 8 sec burst on him.
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